A Gap Year Helps Students Spread Their Wings – Get Motivated and Stay Focused

Many high school graduates are discovering three months off in the summer is just not enough time to recuperate between finishing 12 years of school and starting four more. They're itching to stretch their wings and explore a bit of the real world before returning to a routine of classes, studying, and taking exams. A gap year seems to fit the bill [...]

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College Planning – Have You Considered a Gap Year?

Not every student will find that leaving for college right after high school is the path that best suits them. Some students will find that taking a year off from their [...]

How to Plan an Extraordinary “Gap Year” Volunteer Vacation

A "gap year" is a twelve month break many high school graduates take before enrolling in college courses. These few months mark the beginning of adulthood and can be a way [...]

Is Your Child Considering a Gap Year? Ask These Questions First

A growing number of U.S. students are taking time after high school to expand their horizons before pursuing further studies. Most students who take a year off, also known [...]